Membership Benefits

Our membership fees are different from other organisations as we are a club run by the members, for the members, on a not-for-profit basis. We charge members an annual fee which gives you:

  • BSAC & club membership.
  • Free use of the pool on Tuesday nights including free use of all our kit and air
  • A variety of training from our experienced and qualified instructors most of which is run free or at a loss by the club
  • Ability to book onto our club dive trips
  • A monthly national magazine “Scuba” posted to your home address.
  • Third party dive insurance.
  • Access to a variety of dive experts and instructors across the whole of BSAC

2024 Fees

Full Year Membership Fees

You need to be both a BSAC member and a member of our branch. A BSAC member can be a member of multiple branches.

BSAC membership:
Latest fees for club membership (ignore the “Direct” fees) are on the BSAC website here. For the year commencing 1st March 2024 these are:
Full – £68.50
Junior / Student – £37
Joint – £59.50 (living in the same house as a full member and sharing a copy of the magazine)
NB BSAC offer £10 off your first year if you pay by (or switch to) direct debit. There are also discounts for OWIs (and above) and for ADs (and above).

Branch membership:
Full – £186
Junior – £93
Student – £1 (Only for already-qualified BSAC divers who are undergrad students or on their first year out of university)

Training Fees For Members

These prices incl all theory, pool and open water training and free use of club equipment throughout (including in open water). They don’t include the cost of the BSAC training pack (as students buy this directly from BSAC).

There is no set course schedule – we will go at your pace! We move only when you are confident and competent in a skill.

Refreshers: Free for members
Ocean Diver: £267.80
Sports Diver: £208.00
Dive Leader: £18.80
Advanced Diver: free
SDCs: We run these at cost, which means many are free, but it varies by course – please ask

NB – in all cases you have to be a current BSAC member and a current branch member
NB – in all cases you need to also buy a BSAC training pack. These can be bought directly from BSAC (or we can do it for you). They generally cost £37.50 for the digital versions or £40+postage for physical versions. Speak to the training officer before buying a pack to check on course availability.

Training Fees For Members

Try dive – adult: £40
Try dive – under 18: £20
Refreshers: £70

The above fees are all half price for Westminster residents.
They are also 100% refundable if you join straight away, and 50% refundable if you join within a year. But please be aware that we only run beginners’ course once per year starting the Autumn.

Kit Rental

Scuba equipment

£8 per item per day – capped at £26 per day and at £80 per dive trip

Cylinder, BC and regs count as one item each.
All others (mask/fins/snorkel/weights etc) count as one item together.

Dry Suits
Members are very strongly encouraged to get their own dry suits. Our club dry suits are only for pool use as we only have a few and they are expensive to maintain. for open water training dives both Wraysbury and Stoney hire out dry suits. It’s not generally possible to rent dry suits for weekends from any commercial centres, however this is currently available from Dive Beyond in Portland (where our boat is) assuming of course that you can get there when they are open and before our boat has left.

Diving Fees

For trips run by the club where we book onto commercial boats, the costs are split evenly among participants.

For dive trips using the club rib:
Expedition fee £34.50
Per dive fee £23 – (free for the DO and for instructors doing a training dive)