Our address
Queen Mother Sports Centre
223 Vauxhall Bridge road

Our Clubroom
To find us, tell the reception staff that you’re there for scuba diving. They will then let you through the barriers. Go up the stairs to the left (just 1 flight) and go straight ahead through the doors signed “Spectator Gallery” (you’ll have the below view of the pools to your right). Turn right at the end and walk all the way along the top of the gallery to the far back corner of the pool atrium. Our club room is actually underneath the last section of the gallery. The door is where arrow points.

Yes OK, it’s literally a cupboard under the stairs. It’s rather bigger than Harry Potter’s was, and we like to think it’s where our magic happens.

Our Opening Hours
We’re around almost every Tuesday night – but do tell us you’re coming first just in case we’re out on a social evening and also so that we can make sure someone is there to greet you and chat about the club.
7pm – we officially open (though someone is often there earlier)
7-9 – theory training in or near the club room, members chatting about diving
9-10 – we have the use of the diving pool (which is 3.5m deep) for diving, swimming and snorkelling
later – pool users head to a local pub where hopefully lots of other members are already chatting